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Top 10 Kitchen Innovations You’ll Want to Have

Over the decades kitchen trends have come and gone. With so many options on the market, how do you choose a contemporary kitchen that’s not only trendy but also the new classic?

To help make it easier for you decide we’ve come up with some must-have kitchen innovations that you’ll want to have in your new kitchen:

1 – Stone Waterfall ends

Unlike classic horizontal bench surfaces, Stone Waterfall ends, like those in the modern kitchen design above, drop down to the floor creating a contemporary feel that is striking to look at with a feeling of balance and symmetry. This design works especially well if you want to break up contrasting colours in your kitchen.

2 – Caesarstone benchtops

A great alternative to marble, Caesarstone is elegance at a fraction of the cost. It boasts all the benefits of a stone benchtop but has the added design flexibility that’s usually limited to MDF. It’s also low maintenance, highly durable, heat and scratch resistant and sustainable.

3 – Shaker doors

As a contemporary classic, the recessed Shaker panel offers numerous possibilities. Its simplicity, practicality and harmonious nature works well in any kitchen.

 4 – Emporite Gloss/ Satin paint finish

Looking to give your kitchen some class? Emporite is the ideal choice to create a superior smooth finish. Available in a variety of colours/ finishes such as gloss or satin.

5 – Acrylic door finish

Known as the ‘Ultimate Gloss’, you won’t get much better than Acrylic kitchen doors. At half the cost they’re almost impossible to tell apart from glass doors with their highly reflective, mirror like finish.

6 – Bi-fold appliance cabinets

Bi-fold cabinet doors are great storage solutions that allow easy access to appliances which can be hidden when not in use. They are excellent for maximising space and keeping your kitchen from looking cluttered.

7 – Roller door appliance cabinets

Unlike hinged, bi-fold or lift-up doors, roller door appliance cabinets allow you to maximise the entire space in front of your appliance cupboard. Perfect for a no-fuss solution, customise the depth of the unit specifically for your needs.

Modern Kitchen with push to open doors
Modern Kitchen with push to open doors

8 – Push-to-open doors/ drawers

You can forget about handles completely with Push-to-open doors. Both functional and minimalist, a brief touch with the hand, hip or knee is sufficient to open lift systems, doors and pull-outs as if by themselves.

9 – Scalloped handles

A new take on an old classic. Both stylish and minimalistic, scalloped handles give your kitchen cabinets a contemporary look that moves away from the traditional knobs and pulls.

10 – Soft-closing doors/drawers

The perfect blend between modern innovation and functionality. Soft-close drawer slides are the latest in closing technology. Even if you or others in the family are a little heavy-handed, this door/drawer will close quietly and smoothly each and every time.

With so many options, where do you begin?



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