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Spacious apartment kitchen with two wall options – 3D rendering illustration

The single feature makes a significant difference to the kitchen style.


Spacious apartment kitchen key features:

  • High-gloss surfaces bring elegance and style to the kitchen design
  • Different wall options make a huge difference
  • The minimalistic approach ensures durability in style
  • White colour turns the space even more spacious and dazzling


Kitchen Style


Kitchen Shape

Galley shape

Since you have the option to see your kitchen plan before any steps take place, you can change some significant kitchen features. Changing those, you are able to decide on your kitchen style if unsure how it will look like in reality. Spacious apartment kitchen offers as many options as space is big. Whether you choose to use the space entirely or keep it minimalistic, 3D rendering solutions will surely be the answer.

Brick wall and spacious apartment kitchen


We have chosen this particular kitchen for you for many reasons. The classy style is undeniable and hardly anybody can stay indifferent before it. Although space is ginormous, white colour prevail. Moreover, the colour itself is making a statement of the kitchen being classy and dazzling. When you have the option of space this big, colours have room to do their magic. However, there’s no need if you are in favour of white.

Further, sharp lines and neat design is making this kitchen rather modern. Combined with the brick wall, this project is definitely presenting an evergreen option. Moreover, when there is an option to combine two different styles, you get a product that will attract everyone’s attention. Not only that, we can imagine this kitchen being suitable for both families and younger generations.

Elegant one-walled kitchen


And here is an example of a wow-factor, where simplicity takes over. Instead of a brick wall, here we have a white elegant wall, making this kitchen outstanding. Moreover, the single-styled kitchen is extremely in high demand nowadays. Clients are constantly seeking something fresh and unique, and this kitchen is doubtlessly that.

Extravagant loft kitchen appeal

Spacious apartment kitchen with two wall options – 3D rendering illustration
Beauty of spacious white kitchen
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