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Modern two-toned kitchen

We custom make kitchens in Melbourne to suit your budget & lifestyle at competitive prices.

Key features:

  • Caesarstone bench top
  • Feature backsplash
  • Push-to-open doors & drawers
  • Multicolour light feature

Kitchen Style


Kitchen Shape

Open-spaced kitchen

There are always trends that people follow. Among those trends, there are always the ones that stay around for a long time. Such trends are repetitively clients’ most common choice. Two-toned design has shown what is piquing our clients’ interest.

Well, as you all may know, we encourage any colour choice. Colours are here to brighten life and to make it more vivid.  Moreover, any colour choice is a unique statement of a homeowner’s taste and interest. That’s why there are plenty of options. So many that you can lose yourself among possibilities.

However, if you are into two-toned design options, you’re in luck. We would like to present this amazing project of ours. It is doubtlessly stylish and fabulous. Furthermore, the design is by far most favourite, since it’s simple yet intriguing. This is the look that seems to be a matter of never-go-out-of-fashion trend.

Two-toned kitchen options

In this very particular kitchen clients have chosen to have a certain main part of the kitchen. That how the central point of all happenings in this kitchen is in one colour, kind of grey-brownish hue. so, in a way, they get a shape of the kitchen by simply playing with colours.

In short, by using colours smartly you can create your own world inside an already-existing kitchen world. The rest of the kitchen is in white colour. The white colour is a perfect contrasting colour, having so many roles. In some cases it is a pop-out colour nevertheless in some it is softening colour, in which others reflect. Both ways, white colour is magical and that’s why most popular.



Modern two-toned kitchen
White and grey-brownish kitchen design.
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