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Budget Kitchens

If you’re considering updating your kitchen then it can be tempting to go out and pick up one of the hundreds of budget kitchens that are available in discount stores. The problem with this is that you could well end up with a kitchen that looks cheap and needs replacing in next to no time, costing you even more money in the long run. Instead there are several quick and easy ways to renovate your kitchen without making a huge dent in your savings.

Update your cabinets

Since your cabinets take up the most space in your kitchen they also have the most impact. A cheap way to update their appearance is to paint them and change the hardware. Alternatively you could look at simply replacing the drawer and cabinet fronts for a fraction of the cost of installing a new kitchen.

Invest in some new lights

Good lighting is one of the best ways to add ambience to a kitchen (even budget kitchens). It can help set the mood, define your style, and showcase any pretty china or decorative architecture you may have. The number one rule is to ensure that you have sufficient task lighting for areas where you prepare food. Recessed downlights or low hanging pendants are a good choice for illuminating kitchen islands and you might want to consider installing some simple strip lights beneath cabinets, especially if you have a dark corner.

Feature walls

One of the easiest way to transform the look of your kitchen is with a feature wall which also means you don’t have to redecorate the entire room. If you have a dining area then a feature wall can help separate this from the rest of your kitchen. Wallpaper is ideal for feature walls as is coloured paint, but you could also make a feature wall by displaying a collection of artwork or decorative plates.

Open plan shelving

Open plan shelving can be used in budget kitchens instead of wall cabinetry to make your kitchen appear larger than it actually is; and it also helps to add more of your personality to the room. In addition, open plan shelves make it easier for you to organise and see what’s on display without having to fumble at the back of a dark cupboard. It also adds a homely feel which is more inviting for your guests.

If you’re still intent on a total overhaul then come and talk to us at KDV about budget kitchens. We’re experts at kitchen renovations tailored to your requirements and lifestyle with the focus on staying within a realistic budget. Our designers can also help with suggesting floor plans to maximise your floor space and other tips to make your kitchen appear more spacious. Why not get in touch for a free

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