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4 Ways To Maximize Space When Renovating a Small Kitchen

When renovating a small kitchen, the number one consideration is always going to be how to maximize the available space without compromising on great style and functionality.

If that sounds like your dilemma, here’s 4 Ways you can make the most of the available space in your compact kitchen.


There are a huge range of sink styles available to suit most kitchens, so this is an option worth exploring for renovators looking to claim back some work space.

Losing the double sink and simply moving to a single bowl solution can easily save you 30 centimetres or more of bench space. Dispensing with the drain boards on either side can increase the available bench space further still.

Choosing an under mount sink that is installed below the line of the benchtop with the edges of the sink concealed, is another option. As an added bonus to the increased work space this option provides, it can also add a sleek modern look to your renovation.


Finding the right option for storing your non-perishables can be a challenge for the small kitchen owner. The available floor space does not allow for a walk in pantry, and a traditional cupboard causes i
ts own problems: utilising the space at the back and still being able to reach the items you need can become the bane of the compact kitchen chef!

Never fear – there is a solution! How about a pull out pantry?  This style of pantry has a small footprint combined with shelving installed on runners that slides out, allowing easy access to items at
the very back of the pantry with ease.

There are a variety of styles and configurations available that can be adapted to suit your individual scenario, so for the space poor kitchen, it could mean a huge difference not only to your available space, but to the overall user-friendliness of the kitchen.

Needs somewhere to store your wine?  Just like the pullout pantry, wine racks can be installed in small spaces to keep your bottles stashed and out of the way.


Take advantage of those hard to reach, under-utilised areas like the notorious corner cupboard, with the addition of clever internal cupboard hardware like lazy susans and swivel corner units like those shown in the image at left.  These units can claim back unused space and reduce clutter, giving your kitchen the illusion of space.

Similarly, using drawers instead of cupboards for crockery can allow more economical use of the available space while providing a sleek modern look to your kitchen.


Whilst some kitchens are blessed with the space to allow a 6-burner hob and a side by side refrigerator, this is not the case with the small kitchen.

Before you design your renovation, do a little research.  Most major brands offer slim line refrigerators that are only 60mm wide or less like this 50’s retro style two door fridge-freezer from Smeg in royal blue.

There are also a wide number of manufacturers producing compact ovens with coordinating cooktops, slim line range hoods and dishwashers that despite their small size, don’t compromise on style & functionality, but offer more design options to renovators with limited space.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on the path to a streamlined and beautiful compact kitchen though there are many more.

Kitchen Design Victoria are always happy to help with suggestions and advice on renovating your kitchen, be it large or small, so send us an email or call 1800 00 98 98 to arrange a personalised consultation with one of our representatives.

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